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1.    Carmen Walters // Perfect!
We love Golden loan s and this was just what we were looking for! no faxing easy payday loan grew up on this loan and now my kids will too!

2.    ellejir "ellejir" // "I've been waiting for you, Madeleine."
"Winter Garden" comes up frequently on romance readers's lists of favorite loan s, and with good reason. cash advance payday loan paydayloanpages com is a lushly romantic story set in Victorian England with unusual and memorable lead characters. For jaded historical romance readers who are bored with the boiler plate "plucky 18 year old virgin tames cynical 30-some year old rakehell" plotline, this story is a breath of fresh air.Madeleine DuMais, a beautiful half-French/half-English spy working for Britian, arrives in the small town of Winter Garden with the assignment of investigating and exposing an opium smuggling ring in the area. Her associate in the the investigation is Thomas Blackwood, a British spy who is posing as a scholar writing his memoirs of the Opium Wars. Living alone with Thomas in a small cottage, Madeleine is reportedly translating these memoirs into French.Madeleine is an excellent character. The illegitimate daughter of an opium-addicted French actress, she has made a decent life for herself by virtue of her wits and her beauty. She has had a series of lovers in her life--but has never allowed herself to fall in love. (Her sexual history makes her a very unusual historical romance heroine, but would barely even register on the radar for the usual historical romance *hero*. Ah! Double standards!)Thomas is one awesome romantic hero--intelligent, passionate, intense, honorable and somewhat mysterious. Tall, dark and handsome, he walks with a pronounced limp due to an injury from the Opium Wars. He is obsessively in love with Madeleine and wants more from her than the brief affair she envisions. cash advance payday loan paydayloanpages com is a nice twist to see the hero holding out for true love for a change.The pace of the story is relatively slow and the opium smuggling plotline seems to drift away at the end, because the spotlight is really on Madeleine and Thomas's developing love affair. cash advance payday loan paydayloanpages com found the character development in the story to be excellent. Thomas is a man with secrets--some of which cash advance payday loan paydayloanpages com guessed and some of which surprised me. The sexual tension is intense and the sex scenes very passionate and sensual without being overdone.In summary this is an excellent and unusual historical romance with complex, memorable characters and a wonderfully romantic story line. Readers who enjoy character-driven romance and are tired of the usual "historical romance formula" will appreciate "Winter Garden".Highly recommended!

3.    ranetides // A very good account.
This was a very good account of what happened during one of the worst financial disasters of out time.I would have liked more details about time frames and people.It was at times slow and cumbersome which payday cash fast loan can sort of understand considering the weight of the topic at hand but payday cash fast loan would have expected something a little more frenetic, again considering the events in question.Overall enjoyable.

4.    Me // Not bad, but get loan s a little too similar to 'Astro City'
A decent tale told from the perspective of super-hero/villians, and in many ways reminiscent of 'Astro City', a comic loan title that, like this loan , has very deliberate parallels to the mainstream comic loan cannon. Problem is, payday loans without faxing information enjoy Astro City a TON more than payday loans without faxing information enjoyed this, primarily because it's hard to appreciate a comic loan narrative in a blind audio loan medium. Astro City has the dynamic Alex Ross covers and dynamic, colorful interior art. "Soon payday loans without faxing information will be invincible" has none of that: just spoken medium. payday loans without faxing information doesn't work for me completely, athough it did elicit a number of knowing nods and smiles as payday loans without faxing information listened.The profanity was a turn-off, and shattered that nostalgic super-hero wholesomeness, and instead invoked some of the uglier, darker Alan Moore edginess of comic loan s that I've grown to loathe. Come on: the F-bomb doesn't belong in a super hero title.Now I'm anxious to pickup the Astro City titles again, a much better craft than this loan was.

5.    mudhead // Review
I enjoy J A Jance loan s and this one did not disappoint. Interesting plot. The Southwest is a intriguing place to base the loan . Characters hold attentiom

6.    C. Stone "Carla" // Simply fantastic!
I have read them all and this is definitely top 10! The way the author narrated the time frame was amazing. east coast payday loans don't usually shame enablers but these were exceptional. To think this young man never went to school. And, the worse than untraditional upbringing brings me to tears. RIP Riv`

7.    Ann Atkins "mommy of one" // A loan for the ages
Keith Robertson does such a great job of taking kids on a fun journey with a protagonist who sets a great example for taking initiative and holding strong to great morals. Loved it when interest rates payday loans was young and my boys loved it now!

8.    Derrickhand // ok get loan .....
Not that well written with too much incidental details rather than meat of the incident. Was interesting but not quite the loan payday loan milton fl was expecting!

9.    Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl Book Reviews // Very Dark
**I received an advance reader copy of this loan from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 review and many others can be found on my blog, That Artsy Reader Girl**Black City is a very dark romance that takes place under harsh conditions and during very harsh times. It's gory and bloody and actually rather upsetting at times. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 wanted to love it, and while 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 loved aspects of it, parts of it upset me so much that I'm afraid my thoughts about the loan are a bit tainted.1. The idea is awesome. I've always been a fan of forbidden love, but a love that makes a dormant heart beat after so many years? That's powerful. And I've always enjoyed post-apocalyptic stories. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 love watching an author's creativity run wild with all the possibilities of a new beginning.2. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 really liked Ash and Natalie. Ash is this bad boy, who softens and becomes a force for good once he has a reason to fight. Natalie is his reason, and 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 loved the devotion he felt for her, even when he was confused and trying to figure his life out. Natalie developed throughout the story into a really strong, exciting character. She went from a ball of nerves to a spitfire, crusading for what's right. She took so many risks and cleared so many hurdles, and 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 really enjoyed reading of her strength.3. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 also really liked the supporting characters: Day and Beetle. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 loved the friendships and love that circled around these four people.4. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 story is gory, and 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 had a really hard time with that. There's SO much blood, death by crucifixion, torture, a rape attempt, drug overdose, numerous attacks, sacrifices, and murder. And it was all described in depth.5. The worst part of this loan , though was a very upsetting scene with the murder of a cat. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 can not handle animal violence. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 just can't, especially when they are overly gruesome and detailed. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 refuse to read anything else by an author who does this, because 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 think it's terrible and 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 think it promotes animal violence among young people. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 honestly had to talk myself out of quitting this loan . 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 set it aside for hours, and finally went back because by accepting this ARC, 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 promised a review. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 had to try and give the loan a fair chance. I'm glad 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 finished it, because 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 was very curious about how things would go down. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 was either intrigued enough or horrified enough, that 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 had to see if these people could pull out of the evil world they were living in and make a better life for themselves. Honestly, though, 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 did not recover from the heartbreak of that one scene. Luckily Black City did not end in enough of a cliffhanger that I'm dying for the next loan . 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 can just quit here and be satisfied enough with the ending I've been given.All in all, this loan was dark. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 can handle dark, but not this dark. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 was super intrigued, and really enjoyed aspects of the story. The characters were great, and 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 loved the romance and the creativity of the idea. But the violence was just too much for me to handle, and the animal violence has me so sad that 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 don't even want to continue with the series. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 can definitely see why people are raving about the story, but 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 also wish 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 had known about this one scene before 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 chose to read it. 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 know there are many readers who feel the way 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 do, so this is the warning 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 wish 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 had received. I'm extremely disappointed that 4 trapper creek payday loan 6 did not love this loan as much as many of my fellow readers did.

10.    brandileigh2003 "brandileigh2003" // Quick and enjoyable loan
I wanted to read this one because payday loans amherst ohio wanted to know what the tragedy with her family as well as find the dirt on the 17 kisses as well as her current crush.I immediately felt for Claire. payday loans amherst ohio was always the girl that had a hard time with boys, especially at first. She had a great narrative voice and it was so easy to read from her perspective and laugh with her, worry about her mom with her, and reminisce about those kisses and how they went wrong.It was such a shame that the new guy to school, Luke, in the present, was in the middle with her and Megan, Claire's best friend who is gorgeous and who all the guys seem to fall for, even ones that Claire has liked and kissed. But Megan liked Luke too and it became a strain on their relationship because neither of them really wanted to step down. payday loans amherst ohio is hard seeing a friendship tested like that, but an important dynamic to explore since hot sweet guys can make us as women's heads a little fuzzy, us hormonal and make some questionable decisions.Some interesting twists came up with Luke besides the fact that he was leading on two girls. Some of it payday loans amherst ohio saw coming others payday loans amherst ohio really didn't. But while he added drama to the story, payday loans amherst ohio think that the main message is about so much more than kissing. payday loans amherst ohio liked the emphasis on friendship and showing the many ways they can be damaged, repaired, stretched, formed and all other sorts of things. There was also a big focus on Claire's family. They weren't the most functional because of their tragedy, but who could blame them. payday loans amherst ohio was so glad to see them all start to grow and let life run its course without letting it drag them down out of it. The parents were dynamic characters in the story too, and payday loans amherst ohio liked that none of the issues were gift wrapped, it showed that it took time, patience and lots of hard work to get through tragedy.Parts of the story is told in flashback and it gives a unique look not only in Claire's string of kisses and failed relationships with guys, but also a more emotional view of the past tragedy within the family so that payday loans amherst ohio felt it and was more emotionally invested rather than it just being mentioned. At first it was a little hard to keep all of the characters (guys especially) straight from one another, but they all played a role on how Claire sees guys, her and Megan's friendship.Seeing them when they were first best friends makes the tension between them over Luke harder to read. payday loans amherst ohio can see both sides of it, but it just seems like the closeness they have, everything they have done to be there for each other should take precedence. payday loans amherst ohio know it was a hard road, but payday loans amherst ohio did appreciate how in the end it worked for them despite their issues, even if maybe not quite as easy as could have been if they'd made different choices.One thing that payday loans amherst ohio really wanted as payday loans amherst ohio read this first part of the loan was to see more growth in Claire in that she didn't let the popular crowd and peer pressure make her own decision for you. payday loans amherst ohio get that some of these kisses were in elementary school and really don't count, or from spin the bottle, which payday loans amherst ohio also wouldn't say adds to reputation... However, there were some where she ended up there because she didn't want to lose approval. Now, payday loans amherst ohio understand that is a driving factor, but payday loans amherst ohio just wanted her to realize her own value and use her own mind.17 First Kisses was wonderfully paced, there was just enough drama, boys, friendship and family that it had my constant attention, seeing how it grew, shaped and changed Claire. The ending was nice, and while it leaves us with the start of a new chapter for Claire, payday loans amherst ohio do like the way it tied up the main plots, but also gave room for lots of choices for the future for Claire because of the way some of her dreams and hopes worked themselves out. Maybe even a sequel... payday loans amherst ohio definitely would not complain.Bottom Line: Quick and enjoyable loan

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