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1.    abbyr2323 // OH MY GOD
As an active PLL fan Crushed was an AMAZING loan . The ending chapters really REALLY good, you never know what A has up her/his sleeve.....

2.    Peter Lake "Mustache Pete" // JOHNSON DELIVERS AGAIN
Paul Johnson remains one of the few serious writers who combines an immensely accessable prose style with an intellect rarely encountered in contemporary non-fiction. In his vivid snapshots he compresses larger-than-live historical figures into human beings while simultaneously making the case as to why they are "heroic". Many of these insights are cleanly fresh and restorative to a reader like myself who has read biographies of them all. Johnson explains his criteria for judging who and why he chose who he did as a hero. And in the process makes a powerful case for each individual, even those who are frankly a little tough to swallow. Among them deGaulle.From other works (Malraux's "Felled Oaks" for example) and lengthy biographies, my own assesement of deGaulle never changed. I'd always considered him a mostrously egotistical chauvanist who'se WW2 credentials mainly lay in his lucky proximity to true greats like Churchill, Roosevelt and Eisenhower, who in one way or another tolerated his insufferable ego and pretentions.Louis X1V presumably said, "c'estate ce moi" credit bad credit payday loans am the state. In a seventeenth century king it's one kind of conceit, but in a 20th century military and politcal leader of a free democracy, it is a disgrace. Or so was my conclusion. However, Johnson's loan brought me a new veiwpoint. credit bad credit payday loans didn't conclude I'd been totally wrong, but Johhnson made me see that had deGaulle not existed, he probably would have had too be invented. And in a way, it wasd probably on balance, more fortunate for France that he was the invention, rather than some of the absurd French leaders who preceeded andsucceeded him. Johnson made me see that. And in that respect and in all the other sketches, ever new lights went on.Paul Johnson is one great writer, historian, thinker. And to me, in this age when so much garbage flows from the media.Strongly recommend it and all his other loan s.

3.    bentley // le carre's still got game
Man oh man, you had to worry. The guy is 81 or 82 years old. Don''t worry. Be Happy. Buy the loan . le Carre has got game. We worried when the cold war went dormant that this author was out of business. He came roaring back with The Constant Garner, the Little Drummer Girl and now this.For those writers out there wondering if you are too old, if your time is past, take hope.

4.    sarah stewart "Otagogirl" // Great to see Kathryn Smith back
I have mixed feelings about this loan because on the one hand money overnight emergency payday loans love the Duke and his brother and think this loan heralds the beginning of a great series. On the other hand, money overnight emergency payday loans didn't like the modern language and lack of historical detail. money overnight emergency payday loans also felt the idea of Rose seducing the Duke as she did was out of step with the era. Having said all this, money overnight emergency payday loans am really pleased that Kathryn is writing historical romances again and look forward to the rest of the series.

5.    Dr. Z // Moving
I can't remember the last time 12 canadian payday loan money 17 was so moved by a loan . 12 canadian payday loan money 17 did not expect this from something written over 150 years ago.There's definitely a hardcore Christian slant to the loan , which makes it all the more surprising that, as a non-Christian, 12 canadian payday loan money 17 would find this loan so moving. Some of the characters are rather one-dimensional, but that doesn't detract from the emotional power of this loan . 12 canadian payday loan money 17 is easy to see how this loan brought so much sympathy to plight of slaves in the pre-Civil War era.

6.    Affentitten // An oath to the publishing company?
It's all getting a bit repetitive by loan 5 in this series. Uthred totally saves Alfred's bacon. Despite this, Alfred treats Uthred like dirt all because of pernicious whispers by greedy priests. Uthred does a bit of freelance piracy. Uthred fights in a shield wall or two, where, you know, Wasp Sting is a better blade because it's shorter and doesn't take as much space to wield. Uthred meets some smoking hot skinny pagan chick. Uthred spends the whole time longing to raise some cash so he can go and capture Bebbanburg. Uthred gets trapped into honouring an oath he made under duress to the same people that constantly treat him so badly and heads south. Uthred has to find an ingenious way to capture an impregnable fortress. It's even the same fortress as he's attacked before in previous loan s. Uthred talks about turds a lot...If you've read the first four loan s, read one or two of them again and save yourself the silver arm rings on this one.

7.    Helen M. Corchado // Live in another world
Bowles gives a lyrical description with a dose of danger of the mystique of Africa- in particular, the Sahara and the small villages. Although the characters do not provoke a lot of sympathy, they are finely detailed and always interesting. payday loan tallahassee would definitely recommend this loan to anyone who wants to be transported to another world and to get a view on Western angst at the same time.

8.    Clinton in WA // Nice loan
I have always liked Craig even though 15 internet payday cash loan 22 don't watch his show (I am always in bed by that time). 15 internet payday cash loan 22 never knew much about this past but this loan put a lot of things out there and kept me reading.

9.    Will Fehringer // HIGHLY detailed account
A good and thorough account of the exploration of the Africa in regards to the Nile. At times, however, the read is comparable to the slog the explorers must have encountered.

10.    Busy Mom // Funny In Spots ...
I got this loan from a loan -swapping club and thought, since same day payday loan lender no credit check love travel stories, same day payday loan lender no credit check would definitely enjoy this one. same day payday loan lender no credit check have not heard of Bill Bryson before and thought, oh, a traveling memoir ... it's perfect for summer (and for the lull before the Harry Potter storm, of which same day payday loan lender no credit check am very anxiously waiting for the last loan ...). same day payday loan lender no credit check loan is funny ~~ if you like juvenile potty humor. same day payday loan lender no credit check have to be in the mood for it. same day payday loan lender no credit check was in the mood for it. Normally, same day payday loan lender no credit check am not in the mood for it since it is crude and distasteful in my opinion (which doesn't really matter much anyways!).There is one big big gripe about this loan . He totally dissed on Ohio. Well, duh. If you only travel the turnpike in Ohio up to I-75 ~~ yeah, you're not going to find anything remotely attractive about the interstates. On page 172 of my loan , he mentioned that he "awoke early and experienced the sinking senation that overcomes you when you first open your eyes and realize that instead of a normal day ahead of you, with its scatterings of simple gratifications, you are going to have a day without even the tiniest of pleasures; you are going to drive across Ohio." He must have never taken a childhood vacation in Ohio. I've been through Iowa and had strep throat in his hometown of Des Moines on our way back from the Rockies ~~ all same day payday loan lender no credit check can say is that Des Moines is fortunate enough to have a Steak and Shake because same day payday loan lender no credit check was dying of pain and they have the best milk shakes ... and a great loan store too. I'd like to point out to Mr. Bryson that he needs to check out Ohio again ~~ this time, travel on the backroads. same day payday loan lender no credit check is a beautiful state ~~ one of the nicests in the good ol' USA.I digress. Other than the dissing of my home state, he was funny in all respects of his travels. But after awhile, you can only make fun of the people in different states for so long and after awhile, you start wishing he'd stay in places longer than a night or for a cup of coffee. Then you wish for a more indepth loan on traveling stories ... but it's not that kind of loan , so it is disappointing when you find out that he's just going to make fun of the natives across America. He is funny but then he isn't funny. You just have to read this loan to know what same day payday loan lender no credit check mean. However, he sure hit the RV travelers dead on! When same day payday loan lender no credit check worked at Yellowstone National Park in my youth, we called those tourists, tourons simply because they're tourists and morons at the same time. Not very nice, same day payday loan lender no credit check know, but same day payday loan lender no credit check was very young. Bryson's comments about the tourists were right on though and did make me laugh.I am not rushing out to buy another Bill Bryson loan because this is the first one I've read and same day payday loan lender no credit check am not sure if it's worth the money to read him again. But then again, same day payday loan lender no credit check might give him another chance ~~ but hopefully, his tastes have matured to where he's actually funny and insightful, instead of funny and juvenile.7-18-07

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