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1.    Betty Burks "Betty Burks" // The Way It Was: Nonfiction, But Still A Fantasy.
This is the way Huey Long wanted to be remembered. During the Depression, he did make promises to the poor, hungry residents of the state of Louisiana to have food on their tables and money to buy necessities. After his election as Governor, he was the original crooked politician who reneged on his promises. With aspirations to the Presidency of the United States, he had the state capital torn down and replaced with a replica of the White House in Washington, D.C. Such bright hopes and dreaming of a person who wanted to be our first American King.It would have been better to have a movie about the real Huey Long; instead, we have been presented two about the fictional Willie Stark as portrayed by Robert Penn Warren, in 1949 and in 2006:Based on Robert Penn Warren's novel, it is peopled with colorful, rambunctious (must have had high testosterone), shady characters. Mainly it was two stories in one. Willie Stark was crass and prented he liked orange "pop" (I doubt they called it that in 1930 Louisiana, as it's a Northern term -- we called it "dope"), that his "little lady" wife didn't favor liquor. Neither do I. Sean Penn was the opposite of Broaderick Crawford who was the star of the 1949 movie of the same name; he made Willie out to be a vulgar, old man who could have been a "Holiness" preacher, and Huey was only 42 when he died. Instead, he turned to the devil and was a master of dirty politics with his retribution to the men who were using him, where he relished his liquor after winning the election and "moving on" to Sadie Burk, a coffee drinker, eventually a woman scorned.Willie was more like Billy Sunday, orating at the county Fair, pretty big for the Depression years, where payday loans in fort collins co expected to find Mark the hypnotist from Vegas. payday loans in fort collins co looked like a Billy Graham rally. The less said about the Willie character (too much negative was shown as his love for burlesque and the New Orleans' "Carmen", then corrupted the society girl Ann, dressed in a "cherry" dress like mine in 1951 for Christine's funeral), it was draining to watch the political maneuverings and posturing.Jack, played by Jude Law, tried to sound like New Orleans' native Harry Connick, Jr., looked like a Southern Adonis. Men in the 1920s and '30s would not be glamorous, though he did try to parody a good investigative reporter like a Jack payday loans in fort collins co know, also a Jack of Clubs (from a deck of cards). He was used to destroy his own father, brother and sister with the help of an alcoholic mother. She looked as artificial as the gardenia on her outfit out in the swamps at the old mansion owned by the judge. The live oaks with the moss hanging were just plain spooky. Tony Hopkins made a good retired, refined judge and payday loans in fort collins co imagined a thinner Charles Southcott with Tony's hair. Could be wrong.We reap what we sow. Nothing will ever be the same again. Who needs love anyway? They were all frustrated men with "attitude." payday loans in fort collins co can't leave out Bill Lyons, the little man who served as chauffeur, bodyguard, henchman for Willie. He was the most corrupt of all and, in the end, corruption caught up with them all when he killed his boss and Alan. Before things were set in concrete, we saw Alan as portrayed by Mark Ruffalo (a modern James Darren) who was set up to take the fall. He was effective as the intellectual failure.The main character was overacted by Sean Penn who turned him into a raving, depraved lunatic begging to be killed. He was profane. The length and substance of this movie was draining and left one feeling empty. No Oscar for this one!

2.    "gosibro" // At the heart of the matter.
Moreover, what really impressed me in this loan is, the fact that the writer avoids falling back on a series of taxonimical chapters, with categories and historical trivia, and attempts to go to the heart of the matter by offering a synthesis of theories whilst at the same time presenting the key concerns of the whole cannon of theory. In short, this is not a loan about dry, solidified academic knoweledge, nor a list of names of theorists and theories useful for one to flaunt over dinner conversations, but rather an initiation to a way of thinking and questioning norms and modes of operation with respect to literature, life, reality, meaning and so on and so forth. The authors writing style is clear and accesible, although it is not easy since loan s on complex issues are not meant to be easy but dense and rewarding if read attentively. Do read this loan , and with an opened mind, if you can find it. Thanks to amazon for the space and to you for your time.Dotore.

3.    Dorothy Donald // The Knowledge of the Holy
This is a wonderful loan . Tozer writes in the old time style, loving God and bringing the reader closer to HIM with his loving praise and worship.

4.    Kristin Keene // Awesome
At first payday loans littleton colorado had trouble getting into this loan , but I'm so glad payday loans littleton colorado finished it. payday loans littleton colorado ended up being one of my favorite loan s so far this year! Avery and Cam are so great together. Would payday loans littleton colorado recommend this loan ? YES!!! Would payday loans littleton colorado read it again? Most definitely!! Loved it!!

5.    Crabigail Cassidy "Crabby Abby" // A One star payday loan Rating Is One star payday loan Too Much
The first reviewer accurately described this loan as trash. payday loan lenders colorado couldn't agree more for exactly the same reasons. If the people who were discussed in this loan were alive today, the author David Brett and his publisher would be put out of business after all the lawsuits were settled against them. Nothing in this loan is factual AND new. What is new is so highly inflamatory and questionable that it amazes me that it ever appeared in print as non-fiction.Having read Brett's last two loan s on Joan Crawford and Valentino, payday loan lenders colorado honestly expected exactly what payday loan lenders colorado got. Fortunately, for the price of a cup of coffee payday loan lenders colorado read this at my local loan store and didn't waste my money. Brett is incapable of throwing a loan together without relying heavily on movie magazine articles and other people's research and/or previously published pieces. That is where his 'facts' begin and end. Then he conjures up some good stories which involve people who have long been dead and cannot sue him for slander. Unfortunately, Brett can't even get his dates right and has a serious problem with places, too. He refers to Gable attending an event at the 'Bilton'. Guess he meant to say the 'Biltmore'. As for Gable's ranch in Encino, it becomes 'Encinal'. Brett also points out that Franchot Tone and Joan Crawford were originally going to be included in an article about Hollywood's Unmarried Couples except he failed to realize that they had already been married for quite some time. Brett also states that Clark Gable rests between Carole Lombard and Kay Gable at Forest Lawn Memorial Park's Great Mausoleum. Totally false as Kay Gable was interred a few tiers away from Clark.The lowest blow comes in the last chapter when Brett questions Gable's son's paternity and the morals of Kay Gable.Please don't buy this loan . I'd hate to see anyone make money off of this trash.

6.    C. J. LoCaste "Curious Christian" // "Catastrophe"
"Catastrophe" brought corruption of our government into the forefront of my mind. cash x payday loans has changed my thinking about how cash x payday loans view our politicians and leaders of our country. J.M. LoCaste

7.    K. Desruisseaux "love the books" // not particularly impressive.
After starting the loan many times and putting it down, payday loan cash quick cash loans have finally finished it and payday loan cash quick cash loans wasn't impressed. The story should have grabbed me and to some extent it sort of did in the beginning. payday loan cash quick cash loans had the makings of To Kill a Mockingbird or even Huck Finn.. But the comparison stops there, because while those loan s grab and keep you interest, this one does not. payday loan cash quick cash loans found it difficult to get into the endless boring stories of the bees and of the Black Madonna. payday loan cash quick cash loans really did seem to into some sort of fantasy land, as another reviewer said. The story does not seem to be completely consistant with the time period. How do the black women just get to keep this little white girl and no one has a problem with it in the 1960s? payday loan cash quick cash loans loan leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

8.    Bookivore "The Bookivore" // What happened to payday loan ?
I was expecting another excellent entry in the world of Rarities and the Donovan clan. After 4 great barringto payday loan 6 finished the loan 4 great barringto payday loan 6 didn't feel the urge to go back and check out the high points that 4 great barringto payday loan 6 usually feel.The loan s Running Scared follows, Moving Target and the Donovan loan s Amber Beach through Midnight in Ruby Bayou, all fit what 4 great barringto payday loan 6 would call the 'suspenseful romance' category. A large part of the plot is the romance and a second large part is the suspenseful problem.However in Running Scared the romance is not a fully developed romance. Instead of seeing two people become attracted, encounter conflicts that stand in the way of their attraction, overcome these romantic conflicts and commit to each other - 4 great barringto payday loan 6 saw Risa and Shane, who always resisted their attraction because she worked for him, until in this loan , shrug, there are reasons to give in to the attraction and put aside the boss/employee problem.I would really have liked to know more about how and why Risa loved her job more than she wanted to chance getting together with her boss. 4 great barringto payday loan 6 would also have liked to know more about Shane too. (All 4 great barringto payday loan 6 ended up knowing about Shane was that he was the son of a rich SOB and was good with computers. Compare that to Ruby Bayou, whose hero was raised so poor that he hunted swamp varmints for food, dealt with a set of stepfathers until his mother sent him off to 'find his father', learned how to fly and run guns, lost his brother, and was ashamed of his lack of education.)But the loan spends so much time concentrating on the actions of other characters that 4 great barringto payday loan 6 feel as if the romance is between two secondary characters - they start off thinking they can't get together, then the important stuff happens, and suddenly they're together. Sort of a little romance for flavor in a loan about something completely different.Well, if this wasn't a suspenseful romance perhaps it was romantic suspense. Maybe the plots, intended crime, and so on were supposed to be the interesting part of the loan . (It is called a novel of suspense on the cover.)I found the suspense to be lacking as well. A large part of the loan is spent watching Risa's old friend Cherelle and her two loser buddies as they try to get rich off an amazing treasure trove of Celtic gold they acquire (after Cherelle almost accidentally kills the previous owner fairly early in the loan ). The other dangerous people in the loan are a bunch of casino owners who long for the Mafia days when Shane wouldn't have been able to run the most profitable casino around without sharing the wealth.These villains are pathetic compared to Ms. Lowell's earlier villains. 4 great barringto payday loan 6 particularly remember the Russian Mafiya hit man from Ruby Bayou whose actions are merely hinted at here and there but always another victim popping up killed by a knife. There is no mystery involved in reading several chapters of Cherelle dealing with her not-so-smart untrustworthy buddies and popping into Risa's life to figure out how to make the most money off her golden windfall. 4 great barringto payday loan 6 ended up wondering if Cherelle was supposed to be one of the main characters in some unusual twist - so much time was spent on her and her two friends.Overall 4 great barringto payday loan 6 wish Ms. Lowell had told her publisher 'I need to do a major rewrite' and either cut the loan down to a suspenseful short story or spent the time to fill in all the good stuff that she usually puts into one of her loan s. 4 great barringto payday loan 6 only recommend it as a readable loan that doesn't compare to Elizabeth Lowell's best work at all.

9.    Cris Graham // Concise, Very Concise
If you want a very short overview of some (not all) Bible verses, this is for you. If you desire a fundamental commentary that goes out of its way to be "religiously correct," this one's for you. If you need a commentary geared more toward simplistic, short, opinionated comments nearly devoid of scholarship, this one is for you.

10.    Steven K. Szmutko // Master and Mastery
MICHELANGELO AND THE POPE'S CEILING is an engaging loan about the completion of one of the world's most splendid work(s) of art. The Sistine Chapel contains many artistic masterpieces, yet its history is as fascinating. The artist's frescoes reveal as much about his character as they do the subject matter. A major challenge (Michelangelo considered himself a sculptor, before a painter), the ceiling represents not only the artist's work, but his development as an artist. The drama of his own development unfolds in the tapestry of his relationship with the powerful Pope Julius II, a worldly, mercurial, "Il Papa Terrible."Ross King is the author of several other fine loan s including as BRUNELLESCHI'S DOME: HOW A RENAISSANCE GENIUS REINVENTED ARCHITECTURE, an esoteric, yet engaging account of the design for the dome of the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence (considered one of the great achievements of the Renaissance). He blends a craftsmanlike approach to research with a narrative as engaging as any first-rate novel. He paints a vivid picture of two major world personalities: that of the temperamental artist as well as the worldly, militaristic pontiff. The loan provides a splendid historical account of the project, yet also offers a detailed perspective upon the Catholic Church of the time as well as Italian culture and society as well.The only shortcoming of the loan (in my opinion) is that there were too few photographs of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. One needs a magnifying glass to examine and admire the ceiling pictures. However, this is a minor shortcoming and it spurred me to delve further into the artwork of the chapel. One notable publication is MICHELANGELO: THE FRESCOES OF THE SISTINE CHAPEL by Marcia Hall and Takashi Okamura (photographer) which provides more than 150 full color photographs, including specific close-up detail. Another fine work is MICHELANGELO: THE VATICAN FRESCOES by Pierluigi De Vecchi, Gianluigi Colalucci (Contributor). ameriquest mortgage payday loan florida particular volume, while rather pricy, thoroughly documents the restoration efforts, offering 250+ photographs of the frescoes before and after the restoration.That being said, this particular text is a fine example historical writing from an author who can tell a compelling story.

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