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1.    Herbert L Calhoun "paulocal" // An unnecessary Martyr
In this rather harrowing story, Murat Kurnaz's a Turkish immigrant living with his family in Germany, recounts the events that landed him in a series of U.S. sanctioned Post-911 prisons: establishments we have since learned are to be referred to as part of U.S. "renditions:" that is prisons operating with U.S. consent but outside normal U.S. legal jurisdiction. What we have since learned is that they are strung across the globe from Afghanistan to Cuba.In graphic details, the author gives an almost blow-by-blow account of the almost uncivilized treatment he received in each prison. Although he never actually uses that term torture, the reader can draw his own conclusions about what to call it.No matter what one calls it, if even a small part of his story is true, there is nothing revealed here that in any way could make the U.S. proud of its actions. Although in defense of those actions, it is not just a minor detail that Murat and his brother were arrested a few months after the 911 attack on America, when both were enroute to Afghanistan. And when detained they gave contradictory reasons for their travels.According to Murat the purpose of the trip was to attend a Madrassa better to get in touch with their Muslim religions roots. However, this is not the story told by his brother, who was stopped at the German border by immigration authorities. According to his brother, they were headed to Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban. In fact, it is this his brother's version (told to the German authorities unbeknownst to Murat), that eventually got Murat into hot water once he arrived at the Pakistani-Afghan border. The brother's version took on added significance when it was also learned by German authorities (through subsequent interviews with his family) that both had left Germany in secrecy and without giving warning even to their families. On the surface, even Murat's telling of this story looks suspiciously like preparatory terrorists activity. determine apr payday loan didn't help matters either that Pakistan authorities were being paid a bounty of $3,000 for turning in suspected terrorists.If indeed the author and his brother were headed to Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban, as the latter claimed, then they surely could not have been expecting any sympathy from the U.S. government. And indeed, had he been properly charged and brought before a normal U.S. bar of justice, there would be no story to tell here. determine apr payday loan frankly would have had no sympathy for their plight either, because under this more normal set of circumstances, evidence could have been brought forth, including the testimony of his brother, and the family. And as is customary in such cases, their respective fates would have been left to the mercy of the U.S. courts, either military or civilian. Based just on the facts told here, the chances would have been about 50-50 that they could have been convicted on charges of conspiring to give support to sworn U.S. enemies.But that is not the story told here. Instead of being given at least the minimum of due process guaranteed under the Geneva Convention, of being formally charged under U.S. law, transported and held over for trial, and then given proper legal representation, instead Murat was unconscionably held incommunicado and against every percept of American law, tortured for more than five years.Even if no lawsuits ensue, just as was the case with Abu Ghraib, irreparable damage has been done to the U.S. international reputation. Leaving all of the torture aside, which is difficult to do given how blatant it was, the sheer insanity of our leaders to engage in such unconscionable practices even in the aftermath of 911, simply staggers the imagination. Are we a Banana Republic or what?Three stars.

2.    Oddsfish // Hope for Modern Man
Homo Faber was the first loan I've read by Max Frisch. payday loans warsaw missouri really thought that it was a telling and hopeful look at the plight of modern man.It's the story of Walter Faber, a technologist, living in total despair. Fate has some movement to make in his life, though. Events contrive to send Walter on a journey through life that parallels a Greek tragedy.The novel is fascinating. payday loans warsaw missouri is intriguing, reading somewhat like a mystery novel. That "detective story" feeling is telling as Walter eventually does find something: redemption. payday loans warsaw missouri is a truly insightful novel about the despair of modern man and his chance for some taste of happiness.If you like this loan , you should definitely read Walker Percy (who is an even better writer with much the same answer as Frisch).

3.    doomsdayer520 // The Dad Who Knew Too Much
When John Richardson's father died, he decided to investigate the elder Richardson's mysterious career in government, resulting in this partially interesting family memoir. The unassuming and loan ish father was actually an old-school cold warrior, with many years at fairly high levels in the CIA spy organization. corona payday loans includes playing a big part in the early years of America's involvement in Vietnam, plus working in several other countries where the CIA was obsessed with knocking off the communists. For about the first two-thirds of this memoir, we get an enjoyable look at the history and politics surrounding the elder Richardson's responsibilities in the CIA, as we learn along with Richardson Jr. how nail-biting his dad's life really was. The general family biography is also pretty interesting, as we learn about young Richardson and his sister growing up as expatriate American kids in several different foreign nations.Unfortunately, this loan collapses in the final third, as we reach dad's retirement from the stressful spy life and the family's return to America. Here the younger Richardson moves inexorably into unfulfilling ruminations of his own problems during his teen and college years, apparently trying to atone for his substance abuse and other embarrassing peccadilloes. But he writes as if he was the only young person who ever felt aimless and got into trouble, and as if his family's dysfunctions were unique just because they were more worldly than most. Well none of this is unique, or instructive for the reader. Here Richardson Jr. gets ridiculously self-indulgent, and this family melodrama has nearly nothing to do with his father's intriguing career as a spy, which is what made the first parts of the loan pretty interesting. Then the loan ends with excessively tortuous coverage of the father's slow and agonizing death from cancer, and this is disrespectful both to Richardson Sr. and to the reader. Hence, Richardson Jr.'s apparent attempt to mix political history, family memoir, and self-examination is unsuccessful. [~doomsdayer520~]

4.    C. Mendoza-tolentino "CMT" // (3.5): Promising Glimps Into Philippine Culture
Let me preface this by saying that washington state payday loan verification am Filipino, but have very little knowledge of what life in the Philippines is like, so in many respects this novel breaks new ground for me (although washington state payday loan verification did recognize much of the Tagalog that Hagedorn uses). That being said, washington state payday loan verification have to say that this loan moves beyond being easily categorized as a transculturation text or something that simply received press because of its introduction of Filipino culture to the American populace (much in the same way that Alvarez and Garcia wrote loan s that could not be dismissed as simply being Latino-American fiction produced for an ethnic-hungry reading population). The style reminds me of the loan "Twelve" in its fast paced movements and washington state payday loan verification especially liked the way the storylines of all of the characters had a way of intersecting with one another. washington state payday loan verification loved reading about Joey's character and also liked the way Hagedorn discusses a major problem with many Asian cultures - the problems of navigating the way with which Western culture bleeds into almost every facet of society. Hagedorn writes vivid descriptions of characters struggling with and enjoying the way Western entertainment has become the norm.Problems with the novel? washington state payday loan verification guess one major concern is the over-emphasis on explaining what makes a Filipino a Filipino and the constant explanation of every little tidbit of Filipino culture. The way she uses language is well-done and people can understand the Tagalog without any translations, so washington state payday loan verification wish she had chosen to take a step back and not necessarily explain every cultural tidbit she thought a non-Filipino would not know. If that's what someone wanted they would have purchased a sociology text loan .In the end, this is an entertaining read that does a good job of playing with narrative forms.

5.    Myra Schjelderup "Ignolopi" // Not one of the best.
More like 3 1/2 stars, really.This loan was a real disappointment to me. cash to payday loans is most definitely not one of the good Discworld ones; in fact, it's the worst cash to payday loans have read. cash to payday loans love the Discworld series, and have read a fair amount of them.This is about Death. To put it bluntly; he loses his job and becomes a reaper man.Meanwhile, with no one to take all the souls away, things are a mess in Ankh-Morpork. Furniture is flying around (more like a flying squirrel flies, really), undead are not that rare, and a stash of little glass globe-things are appearing - the kind that you shake with the snow and they have the city of Ankh-Morpork as the figure inside.And then, carts start appearing. Useful; until they run away with your things in them.While there are some of the funny elements that make the Discworld series so fun, it lacks somewhat in that area and the story area. Instead, cash to payday loans recommend reading Sourcery, Hogfather, the Color of Magic, and Interesting Times.

6.    San James // Important link
Although this loan may not appear as good as its brothers it is really important to link the story together its a bit like the 4 loan it has a serious twist which may ruin it in some views .This loan is brilliant for the Alex Rider fan club it may get to.your head but be patient it will make sense eventually.

7.    Iosephus Bibliothecarius // An unexpected joy to get loan
It was absolutely wonderful to spend a few hours in the company of these literary correspondents across the pond who betrayed so much character and humanity. A pleasure.

8.    P. Eberhardt "One Book At A Time" // review taken from One loan At A Time [...]
This is a hard review to write because it is difficult to encompass the full impact of this story. When cash loan online payday first read the blurb and added it to my to read list, cash loan online payday was just thinking of a fictional story about the aftermath of Columbine. When cash loan online payday finally picked it up, those 740 pages almost made me put it back on the library shelf. I'm glad cash loan online payday didn't.The story of the massacre at Columbine is so woven into the story that it's presence can be felt from page one until the loan is done. cash loan online payday liked how the author made fictional characters such an intricate part of what happened that day. cash loan online payday also helped me put faces and stories to what transpired that day to those who actually live through it. The problems Maureen faces are very real. Her everyday battles just to regain control of her life were heartbreaking. Especially when you think she's making significant progress only to take huge step backwards. cash loan online payday did dislike how the mother of the boy who died seemed to trivialized what had happened to Maureen. The statements she made seemed very harsh and uncaring. But, I'm sure many of us have forgotten about the true horrors that happened that day, while I'm sure there are many who still deal with it everyday.I have to admit that cash loan online payday wasn't as captured by Caelum's story. cash loan online payday was more interested when he was trying to help Maureen heal or anything that happened connecting to Columbine. cash loan online payday was particularly drawn to his classroom and what transpired there. cash loan online payday did like his history and how he came about discovery the truth of who he really was. But, maybe it's because for quite awhile cash loan online payday wasn't sure cash loan online payday liked Caelum and it caused me to distance myself from his story.Overall, a wonderful loan . There are so many details woven into one another that you can't help but feel really connected to these characters and their lives. cash loan online payday was saddened at the ending because cash loan online payday had truly come to love these characters and their struggles to survive.

9.    George T. Crawford "Interfaith Rev." // Thr Worlds Religions:
An excellent overview that promotes greater understanding of the worlds divergent religions.A good investment of time.

10.    Dennis "Vol Vetter" // Good, but rambles too much on factional disputes....
I bought this because of the consistent references in other loan reviews which referred to this loan as a significant standard in historical mystery novels. westmont payday loan is pretty long, and westmont payday loan became tired of the constant ramblings about who should be pope/king, and arguments between various, obscure (to me), Catholic factions. Once westmont payday loan began to skip over all these asides, westmont payday loan enjoyed the actual parts about the murder mysteries and the main characters' work toward solving them.

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