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1.    Dottie // A fun, sexy tale
Ten years ago, Medana Elsedottir, aka the Sea Scourge, escaped her home and her three brothers, who are evil, greedy chieftains. They were trying to get her inheritance by forcing her to marry a despicable man who raped her. Afterwards, she killed her betrothed and made her escape. Before leaving her home she had never heard of women pirates. Now she is one and she has one hundred and ninety-three followers, all women except for three male children. Living on the mountainous island of Thundr, Medana and the women who followed her have all they need to get by, except one thing…a means to procreate. The women long for children, as well as bed sport. The only chance they get to be with men is during their occasional visits to market. So when the women are given the opportunity for a short trip to market without much time to indulge, they decide to ‘borrow’ some men…eight brawny Norsemen, in fact. Afraid that Medana, their chieftain-ess, will force them to release the men, the women drug her drink and by the time she awakens they are far out to sea. Shocked by what the women have done, she still goes along with it and agrees to let the men go once they have completed their task.Once deemed the wildest Viking to ride a longship, a title he worked hard to earn, Thork Tyrkirsson is now becoming a virtuous, boring Viking. He quit pirating a year ago and although he could go a-Viking, he does not need the plunder. To top things off, he is thinking of getting married, something he has avoided. Part of his transformation is due to his determination to make his father proud of him. So he and his men are preparing to travel to his father’s estate in Dragonstead, a place he has not visited in five years. But before they can set sail, Thork and many of his men are drugged and taken captive by women pirates.Thork is angry when he wakes up and finds himself bound in the ship’s hold. Although he is determined to make the women pay, he has to put off these plans when he realizes that he does not know the way off the island. Forced to stay, he and his men try to get close to some of the women to discover their secret. Thork and Medana find themselves in each other’s company quite a bit and they soon give into the chemistry between them. But he is still not ready to give up his desire for a little retribution. Who will win this battle of wills; the violet-eyed lady pirate, who finds herself falling for the loathsome lout or the virile Viking, who cannot resist his scourge of the sea?A fun tale, THE PIRATE BRIDE, the latest novel in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sandra Hill’s VIKING SERIES I, is a sweet, sexy historical romance that will leave you with a smile on your face. Thork and Medana are two strong-willed people with huge hearts and loads of chemistry, making them a definite match for each other. fast cash payday loand enjoyed the wordplay between them as well as the way they related to each other. The secondary characters are also a riot.Packed with humor, feisty lady pirates, brawny Norsemen, kidnapping, an interesting plot, witty banter, passion and love, this story is sure to have you longing for a Viking of your own. If you are looking for a great story, loaded with hilarity and heat, look no further than THE PIRATE BRIDE!Dottie, RomanceJunkies.com

2.    Clifford Dawson // A spectacularly entertaining and profound work.
Like any loan , this isn't for everybody. The narrative style is unusual, it is very long, the subject matter can be disturbing (although, as one reviewer said, there are more sex scenes in the average Harold Robbins potboiler) and Mr. Faber doesn't attempt to tie up every loose end. If you don't have any problem with any of that, then you owe it to yourself to read this masterful novel. cash loan payday payday loans loan haven't read a more entertaining loan in years. cash loan payday payday loans loan had moments of hilarious humor and profound sadness, sometimes on the same page. The three main characters (William Rachham, his wife Agnes and Sugar) were brilliantly portrayed and the secondary figures were also well thought out. The plot kept me guessing and the ending had a perfect symmetry to it. The Crimson Petal and the White will keep you thinking long after you finish the final page, which is what a great loan should do.

3.    Grace M. "-G.M." // Good writing, old plot
Everyone told me that this was a really good loan , so payday loans lender was expecting, well, a good story when payday loans lender bought it. And at first payday loans lender was happy with it; the writing was fresh and realistic and breezy, and even though the plot was sort of a downer (small town girl, bad with relationships, moms on fifth wedding ect.)I kept going hoping that the plot would get a bit better. Then they introduced Dexter, the most complex and well written character in the entire loan . Dexter's complex, funny, and unique, and you instantly fall in love with him. The thing is, once Dexter and Remy, the main character start their romance, even payday loans lender could figure out how everything would end up. And payday loans lender was right. So maybe it was entertaining at the time, but trust me, the plot in this loan , besides some quirks about Dexter and Remy's mom, is completely old. Remy's friends are the more interesting, fresh people in the story, and the ones payday loans lender would have liked to hear about. Love Dessen, but payday loans lender don't love this loan .

4.    PO // Not a practical guide, and one bigger flaw...
I'd echo several of the other "low raters" in saying that this loan won't make a very useful guide to improving your leadership skills. Now, full disclosure, this is a loan fax faxing loan no payday did not finish. And that's because, IMHO, its premise is fatally flawed. The starting point for this loan is power. Burns spends much time examining the powerful, including Mao and Hitler, as a way to study leadership. The problem with this is that leadership is not value neutral. The fact that you have great power, is not an indicator of great leadership. If there are people who have terribly abused their power, we really shouldn't be spending chapters and chapters psychoanalyzing them or probing their histories for important lessons. Let's just call it what it is: abuse of power, or evil, and focus on the lessons that can be drawn from truly great leaders.And continuing on the point about power: Power is a tool, with many varied sources, that a leader should use. But it is not fundamentally definitional of a leader. And at best it is a means, not an end.As I've mentioned in another loan review, for those looking for an understanding of leadership in modern organizations, read Drucker's "Management".

5.    loretta gregory // Long but a very good get loan .
It's sometimes a bit hard to follow which of the two life stories is being discussed in various chapters but once you get the hang of it the loan reads along quite smoothly. Disturbing and very pleasant.

6.    Francine M. Apollo "Book Diva" // Great tribute
I love Trigiani's fiction; payday loans san diego reviews loved this story of her Italian grandmothers. payday loans san diego reviews am sharing it with my daughters! If you are from an immigrant family you'll recognize some of the universal themes.

7.    NISE "bluebrit" // The Dark Tower Series
Part of the Dark Tower series of loan s, this is truly exceptional writing by Mister King. what payday loans are legit can never put these loan s down. They are strange but for some reason, totally believable! what payday loans are legit is a story that could go on for ever and ever. what payday loans are legit really enjoy reading these loan s and it seems as if each new episode of the story just gets better and better. If you decide to read these series, what payday loans are legit recommend you start from the first loan and work your way down the whole series.

8.    Karen // So fun! I loved it!
I love Quinn's clever style and her references to literature and history. Can't get enough Austen and Mary Wollstencraft references, though it's been done before. platium service center for payday loans love a nerdy heroine who reads, because platium service center for payday loans like to think of myself as a nerdy heroine who reads! Sigh. platium service center for payday loans really enjoyed the heroine and the hero. Sometimes they behaved stupidly, as readers here have written, but who among us has not behaved stupidly when in love?Spoilers Here:If you read the All About Romance review, the critic says that the last 1/3 of the loan , in which Miranda is hung up on Turner's inability to say "I love you," causes her to give the loan a "B" rather than an "A." platium service center for payday loans think that the idea that a hurt would eat away at a person, breaking down communication until it damages the relationship, is completely logical, at least for a romance novel.Other criticisms readers have written here on USA Payday Loans Comments include: why does Miranda not care more about her miscarriage? platium service center for payday loans dunno, but platium service center for payday loans didn't think about it at the time. She does write in her diary that she is torn between weeping and rejoicing. And platium service center for payday loans would imagine she might have been a bit relieved to lose the baby of a man who didn't love her (or so she thought).I loved the characters, loved the pacing, loved the vivid descriptions of setting and sparkling dialogue. When platium service center for payday loans finished this novel platium service center for payday loans thought, "I wouldn't change a thing," and despite what this glowing review might lead you to think, that isn't something platium service center for payday loans usually feel when finishing a romance novel. platium service center for payday loans don't have a lot of keepers, but this is one of them, so...give it a try if you like Quinn. platium service center for payday loans think this one is great.

9.    Brandon Awbrey // Bernie's Back
Gunther returns to the War years. Kerr wraps a true who-dun-it in the historical intrigue of the Czech resistance and ultimately the assassination of Heydrich. Very well done, Gunther is a classic homicide detective in the in the Quixotic setting of one of the most murderous societies in history. Kerr keeps getting better.

10.    Sharkman // Tech savvy author doesn't disappoint
Crighton is one of those rare people who can describe highly technical things clearly enough for those who don't speak the language. payday loan no cre just read this loan again, and had forgotten some of the global warming babble that is followed like a religion. payday loan no cre novel clearly presents the story, the evidence and the research. If you have an open mind, you may be surprised.

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