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1.    Pamela V ""MS V"" // What Happens When An Intelligent Man Searches For Answers? He Finds Them.
Jerry DeWitt grew up in rural Louisiana, with family & community consumed by the Pentecostal religion. The regions people were/are ignorant, with little to no exposure to other cultures & ways of life. They lived in poverty, as it seems that most DeWitts people were either Pentecostal preachers with a church or looking for a church, in between working low-paying unskilled labor jobs.I live in the Bible Belt, in Southern Mississippi, and my personal experience with the religious zealots has been bad. Persons of the Pentecostal & Baptist faith here are harshly closed minded & completely unaware of their global ignorance. (My favorite part of the loan was when DeWitt visited Lucedale, MS., for a revival in a run-down, one-room church, and sat down at the end of the first day to a home-cooked meal consisting of 3-year old mystery meat & gravy garnished with hair. Here in the South, there is always hair in our food. It's a family joke.)This memoir follows the authors life, describing when he first was "saved" at a Jimmy Swaggart revival, and decided that he (Dewitt) was called to serve. The author married young, with no resources to speak of, and the loan describes their life in poverty, living in his grandmothers spare room & ultimately a run-down trailer with no septic tank, while DeWitt waited for his big break as an evangelist, when he could begin to save the entire world of souls. DeWitt was a tireless, self-taught scholar who prayed & studied & sought answers to burning questions like, why does God save some souls, and leave others to burn in hell? What kind of God is he? The authors journey was long, but he never gave up. Going from one pastor job to the next, traveling as far as Arizona & Iowa to experience other areas of the Pentecostal faith, the author's questions went unanswered, and he recognized time & time again, the tricks that evangelists pulled to separate fools in their congregation from what little money they had.All along DeWitt addressed and re-addressed his doubts, and prayed and searched for answers. His research turned to Bible references & validation, and after much study, the author understood that the Bible is fiction, written by average men with political motives. So the author abandoned the bible, but continued to preach his idea of what God MUST be like, a loving God that saves everyone, much to the dismay of the hard-core elders of whichever church he was preaching at the time, who preferred a hard-nosed, conservative viewpoint.Through all this doubt, the author still believed in God and continued to pray for answers, until it finally just dawned on him that there would be no answers to his prayers, because there is no God. But this epiphany takes time & much thought, most of which is documented in this loan .I found the loan to be fun to read, as 105 payday loan personal 151 know many people living in the world of hard-core religious delusion. They believe they are going to heaven because they follow ideals set forth by ridiculous self-serving men, & we pants-wearing individuals are going to spend eternity burning in hell. Like my daughter's piano teacher, who warned my daughter that Harry Potter was evil, these people are looney tunes.Unfortunately, the people that need to read this loan , will not. Their minds are closed and their views are based on faith, not fact. But for the rest of us, this is a good read, inviting us inside the scary world of the Pentecostal faith, and allowing us to witness something rare: an evangelist who seeks & finds the truth, upsetting the locals all the way. In my experience, that's a pretty good day.

2.    TeriLyn // 4 All-NASH star payday loan s
The Marked Men Series holds a high spot on my favorites list. These guys and their ladies together maintain a special place in my loan heart. Jay Crownover made falling in love with Rule, Jet, Rome, Nash, and Rowdy completely effortless. The relationships between the Marked Men and their women always provide the best reads. Every character from previous loan s is present in Nash's story in big ways. A major, intense...something... happens with Rule and Shaw, true to classic Rule & Shaw, making you want to read their story all over again.With that said, throughout the first three loan s Nash charmed his way into my heart with a level-headed attitude, striking looks, and all the love the in the world for his motley crew. louisville payday loans couldn't wait for Nash to find his person because louisville payday loans knew that he had so much give. louisville payday loans hunch didn't disappoint. There's something about Nash's dangerous looks yet gentle disposition that makes you want to hold onto him and never let go. He's a gentleman, a kind soul, the best best friend. louisville payday loans loved him.Saint, on the other hand, drove me nuts after a while. As the outcast in high school and unpleasant experience with Nash, Saint built an impenetrable shield around her. Empathizing with her and understanding her issues proved easy for me. However, her guard was constantly on high alert. She liked him but wouldn't tell him over-analyzing everything and and trusting very few people. louisville payday loans could only understand for so long before wanting to shake some sense into her. Unfortunately, she wasn't my kind of heroine throughout a lot of the loan mostly liking at the beginning and the end.Nash still receives 4 stars from me even though the heroine isn't my favorite. louisville payday loans series continues to provide well written, entertaining stories about the importance of being unique and loving it. Jay Crownover creates heart filling stories of an "unconventional" family of alpha males who fall hard and deep. If you're fan of the series you're going to like Nash because you already love him from before. The secondary characters help Nash stand out. Plus, you don't want to miss the epilogue for an awesome glimpse of what we're going to get with Rowdy's story next.

3.    William Whipple III // A Sobering Assessment
Per Kotlkoff and Burns (who base their findings on Government projections), the present value of unfunded future liabilities for Social Security and Medicare is $45 trillion (some nine times the size of our "National debt"). The reasons: longer human life spans due to advances in medical science, retirement of the baby boomers, and the disconnect between the consumption of medical services and the responsibility for paying for them.Drastic action would be required to close the gap now, e.g., (a) increase federal income taxes by 69%, (b) increase payroll taxes by 95%, or (c) cut Social Security and Medicare benefits by 45%. We could make even more drastic adjustments in a few years. Or, we could do nothing and let the U.S. economy go into a meltdown with double-digit inflation fueled by the Government printing money.Our political leaders are trying to ignore the problem, and, as Kotlikoff and Burns explain, the fault is ours. "The last thing we want is Uncle Sam telling us to save now for a tidal wave of obligations when the baby boomers retire. So we make sure that doesn't happen. We hire [elect?] politicians who tell us what we want to hear."The authors go on to present a plan for reform, but they don't expect their plan (or other reforms that could save the system) to be enacted. They end with advice as to how workers should attempt to look after themselves and their families if the politicians in Washington "miss this opportunity to save our ship of state."One thing bothers me about the analysis. Accepting that the fiscal gap is every bit as bad as it is depicted, this problem was created by Government action. Why should we attempt to solve it by giving the Government even greater responsibilities, such as running the world's largest index fund, assessing the health risks of every senior in the country, deciding how much society needs to spend for health care, etc.? 4 three rivers payday loan 6 might be more logical under the circumstances to move in the direction of less Government and let people make choices (such as how long should 4 three rivers payday loan 6 work, what medical care do 4 three rivers payday loan 6 and others in my family need, etc.) for themselves.Even if the authors don't have all the answers, however, they have diagnosed the problem very well. "The Coming Generational Storm" is entertainingly written and refreshingly nonpartisan (lambasting both Republicans and Democrats with vigor). Don't miss it.

4.    Margery L. Goldstein // Nasty narrator and slow exposition make payday a chore to get loan .
I barely managed to force myself to finish this loan . Joanne Harris is a good writer. She crafts vivid images and constructs a story reasonably well. However, this loan and the previous one of hers that texas law payday loans read ("The Girl With No Shadow") were so terribly slow-moving and involved such unpleasant people that texas law payday loans felt oppressed by the prospect of continuing to read them.There is a whole sub-genre of novels about children who get involved in adult affairs (especially in wartime), make childish decisions, and regret them for the rest of their lives. ("Spies" by Michael Frayn is a good example.) "The Five Quarters of the Orange" has the distinction of having one of the foulest narrators texas law payday loans have ever encountered, a sour, vicious, perhaps psychotic girl who is obsessed with hating her mother. She lives in a village of loutish French peasants under a brutish German occupation. The wartime story is sordid, and the "present day" story is pretty nasty, too. Both go on far, far too long, in tiny inter-layered increments, with lots of foreshadowing and repetition.I am not as swooningly interested in food and cooking as other readers. (Oh my, fresh fruit! Maybe not such fresh fruit! Layer it in a jar with sugar and fill the jar with cognac! Seal the jar and leave it for a year!) The passages about food seemed intrusive and trendy, as if they were the hook that the author used to get the loan published. The characters in this loan do not eat food; they feed on resentment.I liked "Chocolat," which at least had a little wit and charm, but texas law payday loans think texas law payday loans will not be reading any more loan s by Joanne Harris.

5.    Tallulah "Bookhead" // Children's loan shows child's specialness and place in the world
A wonderful loan for children to show how special they are and how the world rejoices when they are born. Beautiful art work. Great CD.

6.    MaggieT // twists and turns
this story captured me from the beginning. the author fleshed out the characters and you grew to love them and cheer & hope for them.You never saw the surprise ending with left me at first a little unsettled, but understood it- great loan

7.    Gift Card "JACKIE" // i loved the end
behaving like adults is about Holly, a 20 somthing woman with the job of runing a dating servise. she takes the dare to go on a date with one of the men in the dating servise. its a wounderful date and she really likes him...until...i felt this loan was good but it took her to many chapters to get down to Holly "facing the facts", otherwise, i loved the end of the loan becasue it was just sweet and romanitc!

8.    lapidaryblue // get star payday loan ted; don't delay
"Experts" often advise a reader to give a loan at least 50 pages to see if they like it. I'm now well past that in this 750 page volume and alredy think it's a masterpiece. The author provides lush descriptions of life in Venice and what the society was like that Titian inhabited. payday loan illegal georgia makes you want to go to Venice, but even more it makes me want to seek out all the Titian paintings payday loan illegal georgia can find and LOOK at them and wonder. Extraordinary loan !

9.    Thomas M. Slover "and Peggy L. Myron" // As the Crow Flies
I first came upon this series on TV. Someone lent me the first season with high praise. free first time payday loan or cash advance was really good! High production values, good actors, anxious wait for the next episode, etc. Not really like a run-of-the-mill TV series at all. Not having access to HBO, free first time payday loan or cash advance figured I'd give the loan s a try. The first one, A Game of Thrones, was pretty much like the first TV series. Swell, free first time payday loan or cash advance thought, I'll continue on. About loan Three, free first time payday loan or cash advance began to smell a rat. The descriptions got longer and more pointless, characters weren't really developing, just appearing and sort of wandering around, and what free first time payday loan or cash advance assumed to be the plot trajectory slowed way down and began to be too discursive and irresolute. Then free first time payday loan or cash advance read a cover blurb about George Martin. Rather than being "The American Tolkien" (please, people), he was actually a TV writer himself, who worked on "Beauty and the Beast," among others. OK, a fantasy background, but still a TV fantasy background. free first time payday loan or cash advance had an acquaintance who worked in a TV show, and her goal was for the show to stay on the air for at least seven seasons. After seven seasons, with residuals for reruns, she felt she could retire. She was an actor, so free first time payday loan or cash advance don't know how writers are paid, but the seven-season goal was definite. She was working in TV around the time this guy Martin was, so I'm sure he's aware of this protocol.Now, let's stop and think about how series TV is structured. In the first episode, often a two-hour movie, the scene is set, the characters are introduced, in an often-gripping story, which certainly makes you want to tune in next week for more. Unfortunately, many TV series never get better than their introductory episodes. Characters are developed slowly, with new quirks introduced every few weeks, until you feel you know them and welcome them into your living room every week like old friends (that's the hope, anyway). Difficulties are overcome (usually crimes are solved, bad guys demolished, etc.) in a story arc that takes one episode. All done in the usual ways by the usual characters, with a few new ones to move the story along who disappear at the end of the episode. So far, so good.But wait, these loan s don't seem to have resolutions. Okay, you say, maybe it takes more than one loan to finish a really big, complicated story arc. So far, there's five loan s. The reviews I've read of the fifth loan seem to promise more of the same: glacial story progress padded out with smaller and smaller events occurring to the main characters, plus a few extras who come and go. Characters seem to devolve rather than evolve (esp. the female ones), and their little adventures seem to get more and more insignificant. You start to get the feeling that you could pick up the next loan without having read the one before it and pretty much catch up on the plot after reading just a little bit. Folks, this isn't even series TV, it's soap opera. Think about it: Those things can last forever. The same characters, or dynastic lines, continue on and on, with very few changes. They react to the next phone call, bit of gossip, wedding, funeral, etc., in their customary ways, which, as devotees of this soap or that, you've come to know and love. Things happen, but nothing changes, and the whole juggernaut goes on and on and on, seemingly forever. Thus is Song of Ice and Fire, but with swords, gore and nudity (a no-go on daytime TV).I'm definitely quitting after this loan , but for those of you who like the soap-opera form, knock yourselves out. But please, folks, let's get real. free first time payday loan or cash advance isn't Dickens, it isn't Tolkien, it isn't even "Hawaii 5-0." At best, it's "Dynasty"; at worst, it's "General Hospital."This review by Peggy L. Myron

10.    Debra "avid reader" // I've fallen in love with payday author!
This fantasy story starts rather slowly, but about 20 pages in, it grabbed me and didn't let me go. If you love intriguing world building, complete with a rich theology, this loan will draw you into its rich weave. If you love intricate characters who aren't perfect but are still breathtakingly, achingly appealling, then you are in for a treat.The best facet of the loan for me was the breadth and scope of the characters and their realistic interaction. 4 pocomoke city payday loan 6 love watching the relationships develop and the characters themselves evolve. And, best of all, the storyline continues in two additional loan s: The Paladin of Souls; and The Hallowed Hunt.Bujold is a master story-teller, and at times almost poetic. 4 pocomoke city payday loan 6 highly recommend this loan !

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