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1.    Botay // Good but slow
The plot itself was very good. For my own tastes it just took too long to develop. Had good characters and suspense twists but still seemed slow moving till 75% done.

2.    Amanda Smelser "Subsea" // Entertaining, but lacking meaning
Maybe quick payday loans in durban just didn't "get" it. quick payday loans in durban was entertained by the loan and interested in continuing to read it. But story didn't "pay-off" in my opinion and quick payday loans in durban was expecting some sort of deeper level of comprehension into the fantasy world in the loan , but either quick payday loans in durban missed it between the lines, or the author skirted it. Reading this loan wasn't a complete waste of time as quick payday loans in durban enjoyed the drama; however, quick payday loans in durban ended up a little disappointed in the mysteriousness and open ends.

3.    B. Alfred "Whole Truth" // A Good Summer get loan
A pleasant enough loan - not particularly original but well written - changes to payday loan legislation definitely cared about the characters even though some of the plot seemed a bit forced. But for the price - worth it.

4.    Karen E Woodin // Witty, humorous, fun
I stumbled on this loan by accident, and it turned out to be a happy accident. Bernie Rhodenbarr may be a burglar, but he's still the kind of guy you'd probably like to having living next door. The loan is well-written, amusing, and fun to read. legit payday loans online is the second loan in the series, and although not as necessary as in some series, legit payday loans online recommend starting with the first one. I'm currently on the third loan , and enjoying the continuity of some characters and the infusion of new ones. Whether you start at loan one or in the middle of the series, you should enjoy getting to know Bernie.

5.    T. Haring // Beautiful and mesmerizing
Beautiful loan , a mesmerizing story that kept me turning the pages and wondering what was going to happen next. checkmate payday loans phoenix az do wonder though, how accurate the perspective of a 21st century white woman (Kathryn Stockett) writing from the point of view of two black women living in the 1960s can be. Stockett wrote it very respectfully, empowering these women, even in their difficult situations. checkmate payday loans phoenix az seemed authentic, but that's another 21st century white woman's opinion.

6.    jRod // Non-stop : Heart-pounding : Attention-grabbing awesomeness
I am so impressed with this loan ! salt lake city payday loan was totally sucked in to the point that salt lake city payday loan was getting in trouble for reading so much. salt lake city payday loan had never read a fantasy like these before salt lake city payday loan read Eragon and at the end of Eragon, obviously, salt lake city payday loan had to buy this loan . salt lake city payday loan am so glad salt lake city payday loan did. salt lake city payday loan cannot wait to read Brisingr, but salt lake city payday loan will wait for a week or so to let momma cool off about me reading all the time. Totally exciting.

7.    Laura Randazzo // Argeneau Vampire Series.....AMAZING
Yet another FANTASTIC loan from the Argeneau Vampire Series by Lynsay Sands!!!...This is the 9th loan I've read in this series and every one of them gets better and better!...I can't wait to start the next loan !...Love it, love it, LOVE THEM ALL!!!

8.    Raven // Unique and thoughtful
This hardbound loan has magazine finish pages, so easy cleanup. Also a lot of pictures of the food, though not one for every recipe. As many others have stated it contains many stories and extra photos of family, etc. 4 vallejo payday loan 6 feel like this is a loan that is all Guy. 4 vallejo payday loan 6 feel like he really put a lot of thought into presenting his story and the food he loves. 4 vallejo payday loan 6 appreciated that he listed along with the recipe about how many it would feed..very helpful. If you love bananas foster, you HAVE to try the recipe for Coffee Bananas Foster...maybe only the adults as it does contain several liquers. One small criticism is the font used for the titles of recipes makes it sometimes challenging to read what you are making.

9.    John R. Rusanchin II "In Flight Reader" // A modern spin on mythology
amazingly smart.Imagine all of the gods ever dreamed up by man-- all existing together in our world. Now imagine that the old gods are losing power and actually disappearing as their believers and followers dwindle, while the new gods (money, media, internet) are thriving and taking over. There will be a war of the two houses, with man in the middle!Neil Gaiman's imagination is intelligent and edgy.

10.    Sean K // The Gulag
A chilling account of life in a Siberian forced labor camp, it's amazing that this novel was even allowed to be published in the post-Stalinist era of the Soviet Union (it was later banned). "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" provides a stark account of life stripped to the essential need to survive in the foreboding tundra. Yet, it is not the weather that proves most oppressive, but the capricious cruelty of the Soviet guards and the system that supports them.Sukhov, a.k.a. Ivan Denisovich, is a faceless number, one who escaped as a P.O.W. from German soldiers, but was labeled a spy. Although he is a model prisoner, he always expects a return for his generosity. Every thing he does in the camp is calculated to benefit him. Although he does not exploit the other prisoners, his self-interest consumes him. Only the selfless Baptist, Aloysha, shows that true generosity expects nothing in return. However, Sukhov cannot be blamed for having this attitude, for this is the only way he can survive his indefinite stay in the prison camp.Undoubtedly, this novel has shades of "1984", as the real incarnation of Orwell's Big Brother state was the Soviet Union. As in "1984", reality is malleable and can be twisted into any form desirable. Otherwise innocent P.O.W's are determined to be spies, and they must confess, regardless of the real truth. Soviet decree can declare that the sun is highest at 1:00 PM instead of noon, and it must be so. The prisoners are captive to this new Soviet "truth" and must adjust their lives to fit it. One's survival is dependent upon the acceptance of their "truth" and reality.The Soviet ideal of collectivism and common good are best displayed in the prisoners. Their camaraderie and cooperation is apparent as they work in the bitter cold, sub-freezing temperatures. Yet, their prime motivation is to avoid further punishment, as their fear of reprisal proves the most efficient motivator. Ironically, the Socialist ideal can only be achieved in a forced, oppressive environment, for freedom brings free choice and the desire to be achieve more than one's peers.This novel shows how even the most meager of necessities, such as a small piece of stale bread, can be treasured and savored. Sukhov makes the best of his situation and shows how ingenuity and his survival instinct can make even the most horrid conditions bearable. Although the Soviet Union has been relegated to the ash heap of history, this novel provides a great insight to the horrors of a tyrannical government and the frightening potential of its unchecked power.

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